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Sunday, 25 March 2012

This weekends window....

A ordinary window in a country house, transformed to let in maximum light with some rustic elegance. Using Georgian shutters, reclaimed wood and a delicately carved wooden panel from India,  all sourced and married together by The Dandelion House. x


  1. so pretty! i wish you could come to bruxelles and help me with my new house! More Dandelion House for everyone! :)

  2. Oh I wish we could too! Would be lovely. Are you in there now?....surrounded by boxes and crates! x

  3. we must be there for tuesday, my mum and sister are coming over to visit.. still so much to do, it feels like an impossible mission!
    The place is so nice though, it feels like countryside even if it is in the city..
    You know what would be super interesting? If you explained a bit the secrets behind your work.. even though they would no longer be secret, now that i think of it! x

  4. Secrets?....what kind of things would you like to know? I'm sure I'd be happy to explain.

  5. by secret I meant talent! :)

  6. Hahaa, ok. I'll endeavor to be a little more descriptive about our workings in the future! x