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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

If you need me, you know where to find me....x

If this were mine, I'm not sure I'd be anywhere else!
 Sheds.  I just LOVE them.  When I was little I used to spend whole afternoons in our shed, pretending that it was a little hut in the woods, especially on rainy days I'd sit on a chair with the door open and watch the rain fall and listen to the lovely noise it made on the roof.
 I'd spend ages cleaning and tidying it,  once much to my mum's dismay when I proudly informed her that "I've thrown out all those old onions mummy!" when actually I'd just chucked out all her spring daffodil bulbs.

To add to my magical vision of sheds, my uncle and aunt used to have old shed that amongst all manor of wonderful bits and bobs they used to keep there,  they also kept a big Santa's sleigh in the roof that they used to ride out around the streets at christmas!  The rest of the year you could only take a  peek at it through the beams.

I'm on a total shed fixation at the moment because I really need one to store a lot of mosaic materials, tools, kids bikes etc but to me a really good shed is not a new pretty one but an old faded one that smells of sawdust and oil.

 In fact I had so much fun looking at pictures of sheds it was hard for me to choose ones to show here  because I loved so many.  I personally don't have the room in our yard to have something as lovely and big as the one above but like I said,  if I did you'd know where to find me.

So on another note I thought this would also be a good time to tell you that from April onwards, us at The Dandelion House will be checking in EVERY month with a new approach to our blog (which has been a little sporadic to say the least!) We will be using our own photos taken of the things that are happening in our lives and sharing a little more of our inspirations and work...we hope you will enjoy! xx