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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Where treasures live...

Attics.  Just the word itself is lovely.  I always feel it is the most exciting room in a house.  It's where people store the parts of themselves that they don't need around them everyday but don't want to let go of.  Past lives and memories live there, all tucked away waiting to be found.  Often people over convert their loft spaces and make them into rooms that look like the rest of the house..plastering and carpeting etc but I think if you do that you're maybe loosing the whole magic of the room at the very top!  Where you can watch rain fall from the clouds and be away from the everyday world for a a grownups treehouse....x


  1. Lovely post! Particularly like the link to hushabye mountain - awwwww!

    1. I really wanted that to be my bedroom when I was little!....still do. Thanks for the lovely comment! x