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Friday, 7 June 2013

Down The Rabbit Hole...

Painted chimney breast

An old trunk used for favourite books

Giant faerie wings

A little painting I did for my first daughter whilst she was in my tummy

Cosy bottom bunk where much dreaming and reading happens...

snow angel
So children's bedrooms!  There is trend at the moment for simplicity in kids's lovely. Sharp and clear of the enchanted clutter that kids love to accumulate.  This hasn't really worked in our house.  My two daughters are very keen on having lots of beautiful things around them to play with and look at (bit like me) and although I sometimes yearn for more space to spread things out, the fact is that I have two girls that share a room and things just get added all the time!

I have found that our love of lovely things can only work if the overall look is intentionally fairytale...(not Disney though! I draw the line there)....A room that reminds us of pictures in books where magical things happen, boxes with little hidden treasures, secret pockets with long forgotten trinkets... it's a place where the imagination can be creative and inventive.

It's mostly grown ups that love white and tidy, a few choice bits that are carefully chosen and placed.... children I think, often have other ideas!